The Meaning of Names in Numerology Readings

Your Expression number, conveniently known as name numerology to lay person, is the second most revealing element in all numerology readings and reports after the Life Path. In numerology, it is thought that our parents chose our name subconsciously by giving sound to the vibration they feel in us. Name numerology is a method to unveil the hidden information in our names.

In numerology readings, your birth name reveals the personal traits and characteristics unique to you when born. Hence, even though if you change your name or use other names later in life, the characteristics of the birth name are still likely to be strongly felt throughout the life. Nevertheless, when we adopt different names in our lives, whether it is nicknames, marriage names or initials, the characteristics we exhibit will be a combination of the traits of all the names we are currently using plus the traits of our birth name.

Name numerology can be used in the following ways:


  • Finding an optimum name to emphasize or de-emphasize certain characteristics. Say, if you want to increase your potential for money and success, you should pick a name (or a business name) with an Expression number of 1 or 8.
  • Naming newborn children. By understanding the meaning of names in numerology, you will be able to choose a name that complements and balances the Life Path from your children’s birth report.
  • Love and compatibility. When you change your name after marriage, you can have an idea of what you life will become. By running the name numerology reports for the different possible marriage names, you can then choose one that is most comfortable.




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