The Key Parts of Your Numerology Report

Very often, when we discuss the subject of numerology or numerology reports, we hear people saying “my numerology number is 7” (or some other numbers). What they don’t realize is that the number (usually the life path number), gives only part of the picture. For a numerology report to be accurate, it needs to take into account at least twenty to thirty components derived from your name and birthday to give a thorough and complete reading.

Hence, it is recommended that we get our numerology reports only from qualified master numerologist. For those of you who are serious in getting your personal numerology reports, we have compiled here a brief overview of the key parts of a numerology reading so that you know what’s in store.

Most of the information in a numerology report is derived from the core which, is comprised of four elements. The core expresses the essence of the person and can reveal his personality, strengths, weaknesses, direction, opportunities and challenges.

The four core elements are:

1. Life Path

2. Expression

3. Soul Urge

4. Birthday

Life Path is the most important number in the core and in your numerology report. It tells you the major lessons you have to learn and the central focus of your life. The life path can never change and shows your defined path with maximum growth along with your strength and weaknesses. Life Path can be determined from your birthday.

The second most important element in your numerology report is your Expression, which represents your potential and natural talents. Because of this, it usually relates closely to your work and career. The Expression number is derived from your name.

Your desire and motivation is represented with the third core element, Soul Urge. It relates your point of view, principles and also hidden inner feelings.
Birthday, the least important element of the core, reveals the sub-focus and sub-lessons in your life.

Besides these four core elements, there are other sub-elements, also known as modifiers that further describe your personality traits and life. All these elements must be read together with your core elements to give you a complete and accurate numerology report.

As you can see, numerology is a complex subject. This explains why most of the numerology reports in the market are usually too superficial to give an accurate reading of your life. If you are keen to know more about your life, we suggest that you get your numerology report from one of the master numerologists below:

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