The birthday numerology of Oscar Wilde- a typical 8?

If he was still alive today – Oscar Wilde would be celebrating his 159th birthday! That would have been some going even for Oscar!


He was born on 16th October 1854 making him a destiny number 8

Which when positive made him:

Ambitious,frank with his opinions,passionate about his beliefs & intelligent coupled with foresight!

However on the days when he wasn’t being totally positive – this would have applied!

“You will have no understanding of those who do not share your own views and drives, consequently leading you to dominate situations as you’ll be convinced that only your approach is the best.

You will misuse your power and position of authority, be intolerant of others and then wonder why you’re disliked.

With loved ones, especially, be careful not to play a game of seeing how demanding and inflexible you have to be before they get fed up with you!

You will live your life by one law and everyone else will have to live theirs by your law aswell, or be damned.”

So, in conclusion- yes I think he was a typical 8!

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