The Astrological Zodiac

An Asrological term for a Planet which is placed in the sign it rules.
It is in sub-detriment if it sub-rules the sign. Traditionally a Planet in Detriment is believed to be ill-placed, and tends to lose some of it’s powers.

An Astrological term that explains that each Planet has a sign in which it is exalted, and when it is placed within that particular sign it is in exaltation.

An Astrological term which describe’s a Planet that is placed in the sign opposite it’s sign of EXALTATION : a Planet placed here is said to be weak regarding its effects.

Stars of the Constellations, so far from the Earth that they appear to be stationary. The brightest of the Fixed Stars, visible to the naked eye, were considered
by the ancient Astrologers to be very important within a Horoscope.

Zodiac signs which are directly opposite each other, they tend to match well to-gether.


Aries The Ram
Ruled By Mars
Polar Opposite Sign: Libra
Fixed Star: Hamal
A Masculine Positive Cardinal Fire Sign,The Sun is exalted in Aries, Venus at detriment and Saturn at fall.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac; it lasts from approximately 21st March to 20th April, Aries is ruled by the Planet Mars which tends to give those born under it a pioneering and often adventurous spirit. Most Arians are independent, impulsive, daring, active, lively and full of enthusiasm.

They are often found amongst the leaders in many situations. They are not afraid to take risks and it is quite rare to see them give up on any project. Much depends upon the placement of the Planets within Astrology, but if Mars is well placed Arians will direct their courage, energy and strong spirit of enterprise towards sensible and all things useful, this furthers their ambitious nature’s. Their strong out-going and friendly nature often brings them success in life, if they follow the right career. They are often found to be exploring, trading within new areas and developing new and fresh ideas and projects. Anything that is dull or routine does not attract an Arian; they enjoy freedom and challenges in life. As sportsmen or women they tend to excel, this is turn allows them to burn up some of their excess energy. Often restless in nature, which finds them becoming a little irritated if they feel locked into a boring situation, hence dull routine work is not suited to the Mars born person, at all times they need freedom. Arians can find it difficult at times to compromise, any partner they have may find themselves having to take a back seat at times. However if sparks do fly, their anger is like thunder, but it does not last long and the rainbow tends to shine quickly again. They have a forgiving nature (depending upon the situation), but never cross the family of an Arian. Born leaders they do not like anyone to stand in their way; they can become aggressive and foolhardy. When in love, Arians can be jealous and possessive, but they are extremely faithful and loyal. Many have strong creative talents, but they may not even know these exist as they are often too busy to be bothered by them, or to use them. Sadly they tend to neglect their strong creative abilities and give less time to themselves whilst giving more to some adventurous area in life. Remember that as an Arian this is only a brief outline of the Sun Sign which rules over you, There are many aspects to consider apart from the Sun Sign itself.

Taurus The Bull
Ruled By Venus
Polar Sign: Scorpio.
Fixed Star: Aldebaran, A Feminine Negative Fixed Earth Sign, The Moon is exalted in Taurus, Pluto at detriment, and Uranus at fall

Taurus second sign of the Zodiac lasts approximately 21st April to 21st of May. Most Taureans are careful, capable and practical in nature. They are not inclined to rushing about, they are steady, strong, and dependable people, most possess a placid nature that is kept under control, but like all Astrology Signs there is another side to the Taurean. They can show a fiery temper and like the Bull they can be difficult and stubborn, they are normally easy going people, strongly romantic and are attracted to the opposite sex. They are usually charming, patient and very affectionate, but can be very jealous and possessive. As a rule of thumb they are considerate and kind and they enjoy entertaining their friends and full of generosity.

They like to mix business with pleasure, this is due to an ambitious quality they have, and they like to achieve their aims in life. As an Earth sign Taureans like to live close to nature and many can be found going overseas, they feel content when they are dealing with Mother Earth, such as gardening or caring for plants. Just like the other Venus ruled sign (Libra), they can show talents in designing, culture, art, singing and have an aptitude for music.

Taureans will rarely take a risk in life, they self-preserve themselves, and they have strong values of security, both within their personal and their professional life. They make good business individuals and have a good ability to make money of which they hang on to with a vice like grip. They enjoy working and sticking to a plan and it is very rare that they will change their minds once they have made a decision. This includes their personal ways, their morals and their strong opinions. If they fail to achieve in their early childhood or youth, a constant struggle often continues, until they finally reach their goals. The Taurean rarely if ever gives up trying, through determination, perseverance and a stubborn streak they are likely to succeed.

Gemini The Twins
Ruled By Mercury
Polar Sign: Sagittarius
Fixed Stars: Castor And Pollo

Gemini the 3rd sign of the Zodiac lasting approx. 22nd May to 23rd June, Most Gemini people are very adaptable, lively, versatile, intelligent and clever. This is an intellectual sign, they like to have facts, reason, figures and logic. As a rule Gemini’s are very good at detailed work, but at times they may lack some concentration, and can become indecisive or inconsistent in their ways. They are physically active people, yet always as ‘The Twins’ suggest they are changeable in their nature, some even say they have a split-personality!. They rarely appear to be the same from one minute to the next – these are the ‘Butterflies of the Zodiac’. As Gemini is a dual sign and like the Twins they tend to blend and separate, often holding two natures within one.

This assists them to do more than one thing at a time, often very clever in many areas and fields. They need variety in life or they become bored rather fast. They are well known for starting many projects and not finishing them, clever yes, but there is a need to specialise in one subject at a time. They are very talented people, with a large sense of humour and fun, they have a charm that is unique to them, but they do have a high strung nervous system, and may find it difficult to settle into a routine. They seem to retain their youthfullness for longer than other signs, with their wide selection of interests, and their strong and lively imaginations, they have little time to grow old!

Given the right partner in life they can fall in love very deeply, but can be a little picky, looking for new interests, or seeking something unknown. Many tend to marry more than once in life. Always remember that there is much more to the Astrological Sun sign than what you read here. Many aspects other than the Sun and ruling Planet are taken into account.

Cancer The Crab
Ruled By The Moon
Fixed Star: Praesepe, A Feminine Negative Cardinal Water Sign, Saturn at detriment in Cancer, Mars at fall and Jupiter exaaalted.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac it lasts approx. 23rd June to 23rd July. Most Cancerians have an emotional, sympathetic nature that tends to be warm-hearted,kind and affectionate,they are affected by the phases of the Moon more than any other sign, which can make them moody at time’s, temperamental, quiet, changeable, and often difficult to understand. Their personality is gentle, intuitive, sentimental and highly imaginative. Moon people have a sympathetic heart which can be vulnerable and easily hurt. Their moods are short-lived but tend to move like the tides of the ocean. If upset the Cancerian will act like the ‘Crab’ and retreat into their shell, they do this to protect themselve’s and to nurse their hurts.

The are the great worriers of the Zodiac, at times worrying about things that may never happen. Often too shy or reserved to discuss their problems or worries with other people. Cancerians have an emotional link to the past, it is rare they will sever any ties within their home or from their loved ones, unless this is an absolute essential thing to do in order to move on. They make good business people, due to being careful, shrewd and thrifty. Cancerians possess more tenacity than any other sign, any business project will be brought to a satisfactory conclusion, in personal matters the Cancerian will cling to a relationship when all others would have given up.

These Moon people are wary and unsure of strangers, they are very selective and careful when choosing friends. They have strong feelings towards children, the home and loved ones. When unhappy they can show a sarcastic side to their nature and can use their choice of words to wound another. This is rare with these Moon people, but they can and will attack and defend. They tend to be hoarders and will hold on to anything that has sentimental value to them. A clever and intuitive mind with a very shrewd hidden side. Remeber to take into account not just the Sun Sign but also the many Planets that make up an Astrological chart.

Leo The Lion
Ruled By The Sun
Polar Sign: Aquarius
Fixed Star: Regulus
A Masculine Positive Fixed Fire Sign, Neptune is exalted in Leo and Uranus at detriment.

Leo the 5th sign of the Zodiac, lasts approx 24th July to 23rd August. Leo is the sign of pride, confidence, strength and courage. Leo’s enjoy being the centre of attention and the limelight, they love attention and revel in compliments. They are very clever with a strong creative flair and many succeed within the world of entertainment. When they are at their best they are happy, cheerful, optimistic and have a good nature, they can organise many areas, and often organise the live’s of others.

Personal relationships are often unlucky for the Leo. As strong as they are, they are also very sensitive and easily hurt. Depression can be foreign to them, but when they fall apart they hit the very depths. These moments are short lived as the strength of the Leo character rises and they become very determined and persistent when they feel their backs are against the wall. If negative they can show signs of being snobby,dogmatic with a better-than-you attitude, this is rarely shown.

Beneath the strong exterior lies a loyal and good heart. They enjoy spending money but it is unlikely you will find a Leo without money. Leos will work very hard to achieve in life. Always remember to take into account the various other Planets and Numbers, the Sun sign alone is not a true indication of your Astrological Sign.

Virgo The Virgin
Ruled By Mercury
Polar Sign: Pisces
Fixed Star: Spica
A Feminine Negative Mutable Earth Sign, Mercury is exalted in Virgo,Venus at fall and Neptune at detriment.

Virgo the 6th sign of the Zodiac lasts approx., 24th August to 23rd of September. Virgo people are dependable, neat,methodical, sincere and very precise. They have a good eye for detail, hard workers and extremely practical. They love being active and often find it hard to relax as they are constantly fixing things, mending, working on a new project, this is their nervous energy at work and it gives them an outlet. They try to aim for perfection and will not rest until every small detail has brought them some sense of satisfaction.

Their flair for detail can dominate their personalities at various time’s, which results in a critical tonge and finding fault in other people. They are drawn to hygiene and health in some respect. They worry over their health, and at times, they worry excessively. They are normalyy quiet, happy to work by themselve’s and will remain in the background. Reserved and careful around strangers they may be slow at forming friendships,but, they are loyal to those they trust.

Libra The Scales
Ruled By Venus
Polar Sign: Aries
Fixed Star: Zubenelgenubi
A Masculine Positive Cardinal Air Sign,Saturn is exalted in Libra, Mars at detriment and the Sun at Fall

Libra the 7th sign of the Zodiac lasts approx., 24th September to the 23rdof October. Librans tend to be lovers of harmony and justice,they are charming,normally good-natured, easy going, but they are often easily misled by others. Librans do not like to live alone and enjoy happy and lasting relationships. They tend to be indecisive,and have problems making up their minds, this is due to their strong sense of justice, as they can always see the other person’s point of view,this makes them sit on the fence and they will hesitate in taking sides.

As Venus people they have a love of beauty, many are artistic, and love designs and decor. Their home will be comfortable,nicely furnished and give a pleasant feel to others. Librans rarely if ever hurt another persons feelings deliberately, their manner is very courteous. Deep in the heart they are affectionate and very sentimental. Arguements are not for the Libran, but if one should arise, then the Libran will quickly retaliate with an irritable and moody nature. They normally have an even-balanced nature (like the Scales), they will compromise and become peacemakers in many situations. The world of entertainment tends to draw the Libran. Any discord within the home or work-place is not suited to the Libran.

Scorpio The Scorpion
Ruled By Pluto (traditionally it was ruled by mars)
Polar Sign: Taurus
Fixed Star: Antares
A Feminine Negative Fixed Water Sign, Uranus is exalted in Scorpio,and the Moon at Fall

Scorpio the eighth sign of the Zodiac and lasts approx: 24th October to 22nd of November. Most Scorpions possess a very intense emotional nature, there is no other sign within the Zodiac that have more profound feelings than a Scorpion. They have a very strong sense of purpose, and tend to take life seriously. They will not do anything by halves, they work and play hard, and always try to live life to its fullest. With a strong analytical mind, which is capable of getting to the very depths of problems. Scorpions will never compromise or admit or accept defeat, they can be very jealous in nature and quite often spiteful towards any who stand in their way.

They can also sway towards being suspicious, devious and very secretive. These qualities apply both in the work-place and within any relationships they have. They have a wonderful ability to adapt themselves to changes and will turn their strength and strong determination to pick up any pieces and begin again. They have a mystical quality that surrounds them, often seen within the eye itself, when the Scorpion looks at another, it is almost as if they can penetrate deep into the others soul. They can burn like fire with anger and resentment if their principle’s are crossed. Once they form an opinion, whether this is an idea, ideal or a person, they will rarely if ever change their minds. As an enemy they can be formidable. As a friend they are friends for life.

Sagittarius The Archer
Ruled By Jupiter
Polar Sign: Gemini
Fixed Star: Rukbat
a masculine positive mutable fire sign, mercury is at deetriment in sagittarius

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Zodiac, it lasts approx: 23rd of November to the 22nd of December. These are the optimists of the Zodiac, generous, freedom-loving, kind,dependable and very versatile. They have great mental abilities, good judgement and have a love of life. Very popular amongst other people. They dislike being tied down, as they get quite restless, their love of sport is often strongly pronounced. They have little interest in discipline or confined spaces, this applies both physically and emotionally. If they cannot travel physically they wil do so mentally, they have a great love of gaining knowledge.

In any relationship they dislike the other person to be jealous or possessive, Jupiter ruled people are very honest and easy to get along with. Sometimes they may lack ‘tact’, and often talk bluntly (with little thought), even though they do not mean to hurt people, this direct honesty can be somewhat alarming to others. Concentration is always needed as their mind is always wandering, thinking of what lies upon the road ahead, When angered the Sagittarian will direct their arrows and hit the precise spot. Always seeking their goals in life, and tend to be lucky within this area, if they have no challenge in life they can simply shrivel up. They have a lovely carefree nature which attracts others to them, but they can be careless at time’s. This is one of the most likeable of Astrological Signs, rarely do they have an enemy but their own self!.

Capricorn The Goat
Ruled By Saturn
Polar Sign: Cancer
Fixed Star: Algiedi
a feminine negative cardinal earth sign, mars exalted in capricorn,the moon at detriment and jupiter at fall.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac it lasts approx., from 23rd December to the 19th January. Capricornians are well known as being reliable,hard-working, prudent and patient. They possess a very orderly mind that can be cool and somewhat calculating. They are normally determined and very ambitious, like the Goat, they like to climb that mountain. This is done in an upwards and steady progressive way, they value their security too much to risk a fall.

They are quite conventional people and often very serious. Their personal relationships can be difficult, as these Saturn ruled people will rarely show their inner feelings. It will take a lot of patience and deep understanding to penetrate their very strong wall of defence. Once another breaks through this wall, they have an enduring love in the Capricornian. Their strength of character allows them to over-come many hardships and setbacks within their life.

They are mostly loners, or one of very few words, some say they have a boring personality. This is not right,they are very good company and will devote much of their time to study and further themselves. They have a unique personality, sensible,clever, with a deep abiding respect for authority, wisdom and age.

Aquarius The Water Bearer
Ruled By Uranus (traditionally ruled by saturn)
Polar Or Opposite Sign: Leo
Fixed Star: Sadalmelik
a masculine positive fixed air sign, the sun at detriment in aquarius and neptune at fall.

Aquarius is the eleveth sign of the Zodiac, lasting approx., from 20th January to the 19th February. Aquarians are friendly but rather distant people, often unpredictable and tend to have ‘their head in the clouds at time’s’. Often classed as aloof, this is due to others not quite able to understand or follow their way of thinking. This is the ‘New Age’ sign.Their way of thinking tends to be way ahead of their time’s, rational, clear-cut and intuitive, and problems they encounter within life they approach with an analytical mind. Their independence is very important to them, and they will try hard to preserve it.They are avid believers in the truth, and will not tell a lie willingly. They fight for the under-dog with a sympathy that is unmatched. Great humanitarians always in favour of reform and changes.

In relationships they need an understanding and tolerant partner, once happily settled they are loyal and faithful. Always concerned about the well-being of society, it takes a stable person to partner this sign. Whatever they do in life they like others to benefit from it also, as they are strong in their belief towards humanity. Many are very interested in Astrology,Numerology, Space and Astronomy.

Pisces The Fish
Ruled By Neptune
Polar Sign: Virgo
Fixed Star: Rischa
A Feminine Negative Mutable Water Sign, Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mercury at fall

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac lasting aprox., from 20th of February to the 20th of March. Pisces, the one who delves deep into the world of the mysterious, the world of dreams and the unknown in life. Pisces like the’Fish’ swim to and fro moving in different directions. They are gentle people and extremely susceptible to any outside influences. They are quite often involved with the thoughts and feelings of people that are close to them. At times they tend to lose their own character in doing so.

Many live between reality and their deep mystical dream world, they are highly intuitive, sensible,sympathetic,unworldly and very generous and kind people. Any chaos within the home is rarely noticed by the Piscean, as often they are oblivious to mess and muddle. The Occult and any form of the mystical within the world attracts the average Piscean.

They adore water, and have a love of most water sports, or lazing in a boat. They are romantics at heart, but need to have a stronger personality around them a need to belong to someone, one that can act as a source of guidance for them. This will bring out the brilliance of these people. They are easily hurt and when this happens they need much encouragement to face the world again. Self-confidence is not a strong point with them, but, they are unique, and very talented individuals, without whom, the world of mystery would rarely be touched. There is a need to involve themselve’s within business, this way they can further their unique minds. They have a love of learning knowledge of the unknown and mysterious in life.


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