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A mystical word which expresses gematrically, the number 365, and is linked with the Solar Cycle. The image is that of a Man with the head of a Cock holding a shield & whip, this image is often found on gemstones and amulets.

Age of Aquarius

Classed by Astrologers as appearing within the year 2000, it is quite often marked as a period of Intellectual and Inventive energies. Others agree the Age of Aquarius began in the late 19th Century and will last until approximately the 2300’s. We have all heard the term ‘this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius’, We can only live in hope it brings the peace and harmony back into our world.


In Hindu and Buddhism, this is the all pervasive life principle or space of the Universe.


To possess a choice or option by giving an alternative decision.


Used to cleanse the space you are working or living within.


An object, image, drawing or inscription imbued with magical properties to ward off that which is called ‘The Evil Eye’. Believed to guard against evil, witches and demons.

An Adept

A person who is ‘skilled’ in occult wisdom. In Alchemical lore there are always eleven adepts.


The Celestial beings reported to serve God, often with wings and a Halo. A Supernatural being that some proclaim to see and hear.


To boost your Intuitive abilities.


A supernatural manifestation of people, animals, objects or spirits. Often of one who is deceased.


This is classed as somewhat predictive according to the stars and their positions within an individuals birth chart. Free-Will and choice are not given with astrology, unlike numerology.


According to Ancient myth this is the name given to the vast island/continent, and the many civilizations which flourished there, before being destroyed in a Cataclysm. The first account of Atlantis was given by ‘PLATO’ in 350 BC. Plato recounts the story of Egyptian priests 200 hundred years earlier who had reportedly described Atlantis as a powerful island empire seeking to dominate the Mediterranean world 9,000 yrs before Plato’s time.


This is the name given to a very subtle energy field which surrounds Humans, Animals and Plants. It is invisible but can be seen by some people as a bright colouring surrounding the person.


The Banshee comes from Scotland and Ireland, it is a Household spirit, said to wail or scream at the death of a family member, Some class it as a Demon but in these countries it is classed as Benevolent. It is taken from the Irish word ‘ben sidhe’, a woman of the fairy folk.


‘Lord of the High House’ and refers to the Syrian Baal, this title appears to apply to Solomon within His Temple.

Black Tourmaline

Contains the ability to absorb negativity from electromagnetic fields that can have an adverse affect upon some people.


Divination by means of Playing Cards. The most popular being that of The Tarot.

Chaldean Numerology

Originally developed within Ancient Babylon by Using the numbers 1 to 8, the number 9 is not used within Chaldean Numerology; it is classed as a Sacred or Holy number.


Characteristically compatible with another individual or situation.


A great Chinese Philosopher.

Crop Circles

Large circular patterns that appear in the middle of grain fields when the crop is high. Most crop circles have been sighted in England since the early 1980’s; others have been seen in the USA and Europe. Some have been proved as a hoax, whilst others remain unexplained.


Used to heal the mind, body and spirit as an alternative medicine, also classed as Gemstones. Dated back to the ‘Stone Age’.


A cycle is a particular period of time that occurs within life, various cycles represent various situations.


The Greek ‘daimon’ means ‘divine power’, fate or God. To the Greeks daimons were intermediary spirits between human beings and the Gods, always acting as spiritual advisors.

Date of Birth

Classed as one of the most significant numbers within your life. It consists of the Day, Month and the Year of your Birth.


This determines anothers future course of events, some call this fate, others beleive it is their good fortune, that which they are here to fulfill.


The 3rd planet from the sun and the 5th largest,the goddess in roman mythology was known as tellus,also as gaia-mother earth.


A white, viscous substance with an ozone-smell which is said to come from the orifices of Mediums or those in a deep trance like state.

Electional Astrology

The casting and interpretation of astrological charts to determine the most suitable times for starting any specific activity, such as travel marriage commerce etc.


There are many forms of elements, chemistry is one, and the earths elemental reactions another.


The power by which the intensity of energies are sent or received by another


Energy is often classed as a physical phenomenon, energy is active.

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception)

means the ability to perceive information without the benefit of the senses, such perceptions are collectively called PSI phenomena. Telepathy and Clairvoyance are grouped into ESP.


Natural Stones or Gems, which due to certain powerful influences became ‘magic’ to Medieval Occultists. Artificial Gamalets are engraved with Hermetic or magical symbols to be used in Talismans.


A word said to have come from the Arabian ghul’ (to seize) and used to denote an evil spirit.


A class of Nature Spirits linked with the Earth. They have several names in popular lore and are said to be visible to both Clairvoyants and those with Psychic abilities. They appear as dwarf like humans who reside in caves and mountains. In Britain recent findings are beginning to prove that they may well exist.


From the Greek word ‘gnosis’ meaning ‘knowledge’, a movement which influenced the Mediterranean world from the 1st century AD , Gnosticism can now be studied in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi since 1945, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Grand Grimoire

The name given to a collection of invocations, spells and magic, supposedly from the pen of King Solomon, but no older than the 16th Century.


Believed to be the place that ‘God’ reside’s. Home of the angels, and the paradise of afterlife.


Believed to be ‘satans’ home, where those that have broken gods beliefs are sent to spend eternity in suffering.


Used to boost the confidence of an Individual and their performance.


There are 64 within the I’ Ch’ing, listed within numerical order and of a highly symbolic nature. The Hexagram is a 6 pointed star within some religious orders.


Pertaining to ‘Holistic Medicine’ Holistic Healing by the use of Natural therapies.


The 5th planet from the sun, it is the largest planet within our solar system.


The actions of an another will determine the karmic re-action that follows.


A term which is derived from the Sanskrit meaning ‘great one’, used in occult terms to refer to the ‘true masters of esoteric knowledge’.


Known as the greek ‘god of war’ or ‘Ares’ it rules the month of March. Mars is the 4th planet from the sun and the 7th largest.


This is the closest planet to the sun and the 8th largest, it is known as the ‘winged messenger’. It’s quick movement across the heavens gave it the name of ‘hermes’ pictured as one who has wings upon his heels. Mercury rules the mind and the intellect.


The Metaphysical is without material form and is based upon abstract philosophy; some call it the Supernatural World.


Known as the ‘raising of the spirits from the dead, one of the so called ‘Black Arts’, the use of the Ouija Board became popular during this time, after World War 1 when people became desperate to contact their loved ones.

Negative Energy

It negates the energies surrounding an Individual or Living Thing.


1503 – 66 A French physician and astrologer whose predictions of the future have fascinated people for centuries. He gained fame by treating victims of the Plague, he later turned to Metaphysics. He produced a book titled the Centuries and his predictions were quite astounding.


Mathematical precision of the numbers 1 through 10, in various countries and cultures, particular numbers are not recognised.Numbers is also contained within the old testament of the christian bible.


The scientific study of the influence of numbers and their vibrations and how they influence an individuals personality and destined life path.


A supernatural sign/event presaging a future event, often precognitive warnings are attributed to ‘Omens’.


One of the most Ancient forms of learning and knowledge often based upon the physical characteristics of the hand.


1493-1541 Paracelsus was a medical informer who introduced a new concept of disease and the use of chemical medicines. He became quite a difficult Man due to his belief system, but an extraordinary one also.


The ability of the mind of certain people to perform Psychic acts. It is an outgrowth of the ‘Spiritualism’ movement in both Great Britain and the United States in the late 1800’s.


The character and disposition of an Individual or Animal

Phases Of Moon

This shows the placement of the moon from our planet earth at various times of the month, during which it is a 28 day cycle of planetary movement


This planet can only be viewed by the use of binoculars, all others can be viewed by using a telescope.

Positive Energy

Based upon Positive Electrical Ions, it is not based upon theory.


To foretell the future, to prophecies another’s future.


A known Seer, one who can foretell the future.


The greek philosopher, mystic and mathematician who has been given the title of the father of numerology.


Classed as a mystical book based upon hebrew tradition, it contains the ancient ‘tree-of-life’ viewed by the hebrews.


This gemstone attracts love.


Based upon the studies of Scientists which is based upon knowledge and great skill to produce Scientific Facts.


Often used as a Healing crystal, There are many Gemstones and Crystals, including the Sapphire and the Emerald. Moonstones or Citrine for example are used to calm an upset stomach. Lapis Lazuli will assist with Migraine Headaches, whilst stress can be reduced by using Turquoise or Amber. Crystals and Gemstones are both magnetic and healing. In Ancient Egypt ‘Malachite’ was ground into a powder and placed upon wounds. It contains a high amount of Copper and today many people throughout the world wear a ‘Malachite’ bracelet or necklace. Many gemstones or crystals should be used wisely as ‘some’ can be very toxic. They are now being used within modern medicine.


The Spiritual World is the world of the immaterial; it affects the Soul/Spirit of the Human Body, and some class the word ‘Spiritual’ as Supernatural.

Spiritual Realms

Often classed as the Celestial, it is not of this Earth, a Heavenly place where the Soul/Body resides.

Subconscious Mind

The mental process that occurs when we are not fully aware, quite often related to psychic activity that may take place within the subconscious.


The movement of an object, sometime’s portrayed as being moved by Demonic Powers.

The 7 Angels

Zaphkiel, Camael, Raphael, Haniel, Michael, Zadkiel, Gabriel.

The 7 Planets

Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol (the Sun), Venus, Mercury, Luna (the Moon).

The Book of Changes

See the explanation for the I Ch’ing

The Book of Dyzan

An eastern occult text used by Madame Blavatsky as the basis for the commentaries which form the first book of her Secret Doctrine (1888). The text gives by means of esoteric symbolism, the history of Cosmic Evolution.

The Book of the Dead

A collection of Ancient Egyptian religious and magical texts concerned with ensuring the safe passage of the Soul through Amenti (the Egyptian Hell).

The I Ch’ing

A philosophy, a belief system that ‘chance’ events are in fact not, they are significant and meaningful. The I Ch’ing is a very deep study. A Chinese text of Ancient Wisdom of the 12th BC.

The Tarot

The exact origins of the Tarot are not known for certain, but appears to have been derived from Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the French and Italians explored the Tarot, including the Ancient Order of The Knights Templar, in 1314.

Tiger’s Eye

To bring abundance into one’s life.


Each transit consists of a passageway that crosses, not unlike a bridge.

Unconscious Mind

When an Individual’s awareness is in a ‘Dream State’ or one of great Psychic activity, the psyche is unaware of what is occurring.


The 7th planet from the sun, which is surrounded by ‘rings’


The 2nd planet from the sun, also known as the goddess of love.


The ions within the atmosphere that can influence both animals and humans


In the modern world it is a form of nature religion also called ‘Wicca’ it emphasizes the healing arts. Various types of magic apply to witchcraft, practised in Asian, African and Latin American communitities. It is also found within small communities within the Western world.

Yin and Yang

An Easter principle of Harmony, Yin is female and Yang is the male principle.

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