Sacred 7

7 Vibration

The Number 7 vibration was viewed by Pythagoras as ‘being of great significance’ He himself once changed His name to include the letter/vibration of the “Y” which is equal to the number 7.

THE SEVEN PLANETS: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sol (the sun), Venus, Mercury and Luna (the moon).


THE SEVEN ANIMALS: Mole, Hart, Wolf, Lion, Goat, Ape and the Cat.


THE SEVEN STONE’S: Onyx, Sapphire, Diamond, Carbuncle, Emerald, Achates, Crystal.


THE SEVEN BIRDS: Lapwing, Eagle, Swan, Vulture, Dove, Stork and the Owl.


THE SEVEN FISH: Cuttlefish, Dolphin, Pike, Sea calf, Grayling, Mullet and the Sea cat.


THE SEVEN ANGEL’S: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Haniel, Zadkiel, Zaphkiel and Camael.


THE SEVEN METALS: Lead, Tin, Iron, Gold, Quicksilver, Copper and Silver.


These various elements were very significant to the workings of Pythagoras and are often included within Numerology and The Tarot.
His study of colour was quite astounding also and to each vibration he named particular colours that resonated with the individual.

For Example:
01. White / Crystal Clear.
02. Water-blue, Dark-blue.
03. Living Green (Plants).
04. Earth Brown.
05. Blood Red.
06. Golden/The Colour Of The Sun.
07. Royal Purple.
08. Tawny Orange.
09. Silver/Colour Of Pearl/The Moon.
11. The Oceans/Aquamarine.
22. Coral/Red Gold.

Numbers and Charts

Many of these named will be found within a Birth Chart or within The Tarot, the bearing’s were of great significance and have long been used to integrate with each individuals personality. Being of ‘ Occult ’ (hidden/secretive) science, Pythagoras and many others drew great wisdom from the number 7 vibration energy.
‘Omnia In Numeris Sita Sunt’
‘Everything Lies Veiled Within Numbers’.

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