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Numerology Life Path

Your Life Path Number Is Derived from your exact date of birth, it will show your abilities and the talents that you possess. This number (vibration) is with you throughout your life and it cannot be changed.


Numerology Life Path Numbers

Life Path Number 1 – Creativity and Confidence, when the energy of the ‘1’ is not obstructed it will flow naturally towards creative endeavors. The ‘1’ person tends to have an abundance of energy and once applied that same energy will demand movement and expression. If it not used wisely it can lead to destructive addictions.

Life Path Number 2 – Co-operation and balance within life, reserved, quiet and normally peaceful beings, they possess a high level of intuition, analytical and a good eye for detail. These are the peacemakers in life. If negative the ‘2’ person can become moody and at times, pessimistic, although this is rare. The emotional depths of the ‘2’ are a chart on their own. Extremely sensitive people.

Life Path Number 3 – Expression and sensitivity, happy, artistic and possess a very active imagination, the ‘3’ is a quick thinking vibration. If working negatively many become scattered with their energies and find it difficult to get them upon the right track, as they move from project to project.

Life Path Number 4 – Enduring and practical, stable and hard working people, you tend to think in logical terms. The ‘4’ are normally trustworthy and organized individuals. If you are using negative vibrations you can be somewhat stubborn at times, a little obsessive and narrow minded.

Life Path Number 5 – This is the number of freedom and change, the ‘5’ person should always have a suitcase packed as they find it difficult to remain in one place, they have a love of travel (this includes travel of thought). You enjoy asking questions to further your knowledge. Pythagoras called this number a ‘link’ as it stands between the numbers 1 through to 10, sitting within the centre linking all others together. If negative, the power of the ‘5’ can be self-destructive, self-indulgent and at times totally unaware of the feelings of others.

Life Path Number 6 – Creative, tolerant, humanitarian, unselfish and often called the ‘loving vibration’. You are a giving soul and will work hard towards harmony. The ‘6’ has a love of music, art, etc: the ‘6’ vibrates towards love of home and family. If working in a negative mode the ‘6’ can become nervous, the wisdom that guides the ‘6’ can lead to interfering and meddling. As a ‘6’ person guilt will always follow you if you feel you have hurt another person.

Life Path Number 7 – This is a unique and Divine primary number, unconditional love is inherent within the ‘7’ energy. The ‘7’ will seek what others cannot find, they have excellent wisdom and insight, and the ‘7’ has a strong desire to please. You are at your best when you work alone. You learn through the experience of life. If negative
You can become quarrelsome and sarcastic at times.

Life Path Number 8 – This is the number of Karmic Law, the law of cause and effect, as an ‘8’ you must be aware of all that you do and say, for once spoken and into the atmosphere it cannot be retrieved. The ‘8’ has great powers of business knowledge, combined with a strong determination to succeed. If negative as an ‘8’ you can become quite ruthless to get what you want from life, at times feelings of resentment can lead to interfering. ‘8’ is a power number and will always stand out and become noticed.

Life Path Number 9 – The humanitarian, generous (often to a fault), sympathetic and trustworthy individuals. The ‘9’ will strive for balance and harmony, caring, helpful and wise. If negative, you remain strong, but can become impulsive in nature, your honesty can be so direct that often you hurt others without even knowing you have done so. The ‘9’ will give to humanity without any cause for gain or return.

There are many aspects within Numerology that must be taken into account, we do not work with our Primary/Life Path number alone, each number and letter within your name and date of birth will piece together a rare, and very unique quality of you, your friends, family etc; Always remember that Numerology and Astrology do not use one number (vibration) only, it is a sequence of numbers and letters that make us who we are.

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