Personal Year

Below you will find a short sample of Personal Year Numbers:

Personal Year Numbers

Personal Year Number 1: Try to become an individual with an individual approach to life, for this will take you far during a ‘1’ year. The vibration of the ‘1’ relates more towards the ‘self’ than any other vibration. Make sure you are right in all undertakings and ‘go for it’ this year, as this is a new beginning for you.

Personal Year Number 2: Whatever ideas, goals or thoughts you had during your ‘1’ year, will now begin to show during the ‘2’ year. Always remain calm and patient, as you will find that many others will seek you out for help. If you find that there is something that has held your interest, then this is the year it will draw you like a magnet, whether this is a new course of study, friendship or even marriage, the ‘2’ energy will work alongside assisting you.

Personal Year Number 3A time to make new friends and catch up with old ones, a time to expand all that you do, the ‘3’ will bring you out into the world of society and various people. This you will enjoy. Expansion is a great key word here, but watch the expansion of your waistline also!.

Personal Year Number 4: This is ‘THE’ year to work and to work hard at all that you do, if you become lazy or procrastinate, then your opportunity to build a strong platform for the future will be missed. Fix any mistakes that have been made in the past and try to avoid making any new ones this year. A wonderful year for those who wish to build a strong foundation for the future.

Personal Year Number 5: The year to do something, to go somewhere, try not to stand still, push yourself to move, go somewhere, go anywhere, but movement will take place, as opportunity lies within the ‘5’ year. If you stand still this opportunity will be missed. Try to get your affairs in order, and above all, try to keep the emotional levels high, lest you fall into a state of sadness or despair.

Personal Year Number 6: You will have much more responsibility during your ‘6’ year, it will be very different to a ‘5’ personal year, as you will be called upon in every direction to help those in need. ‘Finish all that you start’ in the ‘6’ year.

Personal Year Number 7: The year of the spiritual mind awakens now, now is not the time for social outings or gatherings, for the ‘7’ energy will surround you, and your needs will be ‘I want to be alone’. Your mind will work along the energies of past and future desires, putting them into perspective. It is not a year for business alone, and it is not a year of change. It is a year of analysing and spiritual growth. Money will come to those who are honest with themselves and others in the ‘7’ year.

Personal Year Number 8: This is the year to make forward movement. There will be a need for effort, hard work and a lot of activity going on around you. Plan, Act, but, think before moving forward. There will be much that needs doing this year and if you do this, then you will find the ‘8’ year will bring forth many opportunities your way. This is ‘your’ year to cement all that has gone before you.

Personal Year Number 9: This is not always an easy Personal Year to work with, you will feel the need to clear any problems that stand in your way, if you do not do this, you will find that they trip you up, this includes, people, relationships, home, family and even business. The ‘9’ energy will surround you and urge you to finish and tie up any loose ends, for it should not be carried into your next personal year. If you follow the energies of the 9 personal years, you will also find that the year will become full of happiness rather than regret or sadness. A difficult year to work through, as you are ending a cycle of vibrations and preparing yourself for a new beginning.

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