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Personal Months

Personal Month Number 1:

Originality, Independence of both thought and action will be needed, much activity takes place during a ‘1’ Personal Month.

Personal Month Number 2:

You may find yourself having to adapt to various situations or gathering statistics, perhaps to help or assist another.

Personal Month Number 3:

If the energies and vibrations are used wisely then the ‘3’ month should be free from worry, a time to have a rest, have some fun and expand your horizons. Seeking within area‘s that will amuse you.

Personal Month Number 4:

Applying yourself and becoming organised are the keywords in the ‘4’ month. It is time to come down to Earth, work hard and become practical. Money will be an important issue within your agenda.

Personal Month Number 5:

The ‘5’ energy is very changeable and may bring about a social month for you, but, ‘haste makes waste’ so choose wisely, try not to ‘plod’ along, but to allow yourself the freedom to change certain areas in a ‘5’ month.

Personal Month Number 6:

The ‘6’ month is often regarded as the ‘health’ month, either your own health or that of someone you know. As always the ‘6’ energy will bring your home and family into any given situation.

Personal Month Number 7:

Working hard and learning from your past mistakes, if so, the finances tend to grow during the ‘7’ month. Analyse all that you do this month.

Personal Month Number 8:

A strong need to control your needs and become self-reliant. This month can find you putting your plans into action.

Personal Month Number 9:

Much energy will come to you during the ‘9’ month, but always guard against any losses in life, like a good boy scout ‘be prepared’ should be your motto. You will find that your viewpoint will expand quite extensively towards various areas in life.

Personal Month Number 11:

Your intuition will be at an all time high, try not to second guess that which ‘you’ feel. Religion of any type may enter your life if it has not been there until this point. ‘11’ as always is the energy of the ‘spiritual’ in life.

Personal Month Number 22:

Your direction in life should become much clearer during this month, at times, international travel may be required of you. If not travel, then most certainly a meeting of International people. This is a strong and powerful month in which to get your life in order.

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