Numerology & Names

Numerology name meaning is an ancient study dating back 4000 years that allows you to find certain traits and meanings that relate to individuals. Here are the core numbers derived from names and what they mean:

  • Expression Number – reveals the talents, abilities, and shortcomings that comprise people at the moment you entered a human body.  It showcases development as well as  talents that  are provided to work with in this lifetime.
  • Hearts Desire (or Soul Urge) Number – This number is the inner you.  It’s our most basic urging your true motivation.  This is what is behind many actions and is consequently in major influence on many of the choices made in life.
  • Personality Number -This number reveals how you are seen by others.  It is the outer you, the part that is projected.  It is the part of you that people feel comfortable sharing with others until you’re ready to invite them into the deeper, truer aspects of yourself.
  • Karmic Lesson Number -This reveals the areas or life that we are currently weak in, these are areas that we must face and work on in this life.  There can be more than one karmic lesson number.
  • Hidden Passion Number – This number represents a particular strength our ability.  It is a concentrated power or field of expertise that demands to be developed.

The above are all the core numbers of numerology name.  By calculating these numbers you can reveal incredible truth about individuals and life.  A numerology name meaning is like a roadmap of someones existence.  With numerology one can guide  destiny in true happiness, or see different trends or changes you may want to make in life.  It is important to take your name in the numbers it represents into consideration when studying a numerology name.

It has been used to gain valuable insight into the inner being in true nature.  Numerology is the study of your birth name.  Each letter in a name contains a numeric value.  For instance the letter D has a numeric value of four.  The letter A has a numeric value of one.  The letter J has a numeric value of nine.  These numbers all have a unique value and meaning.  When put together with some calculations, a fascinating picture of the personality of different lives can be seen.  The expansiveness and depth of this information can be mind blowing.

In numerology, compatibility can be understood by looking at each individual’s Berth chart, understanding knees, and seeing where the strengths and weaknesses of that union line.

We each have very specific and unique gifts as individuals.  And we each have a unique name. As a good foundation to any relationship his first necessary to understand yourself before you can understand your partner.  Then you can compare your combined numerological charts to find common patterns about each other and your numerology name traits.

By having the courage to truly delve into your personal understanding and your true self at a deep level, you have a much better chance of making a relationship a success.  You’ll know the strong and the areas where you are weak.  The basis of any great relationship revolves around trust, honesty, respect and love, so getting a good numerology name profile helps this immensely.

The first action is to work on your own life lesson number and then your partners.  To do this simply add together the numbers of your full date of birth and reduce this to a single digit.  It may be easier to use a numerology name calculator to get this information if you’re unfamiliar.  People with a life lesson number of four plays a good deal of importance on security and stability in any relationship.  They tend to see things in black and white and are very practical so they have to watch that the relationship does not become boring.  The needle over who will encourage them to think outside the square and take risks.  Some with a life lesson number of two would be a good match because they can bring spontaneity and seduction to the union.  Using numerology, compatibility can be enhanced.

There are many free numerology name reports out there.  These will analyze a given name in order to come up with a series of numbers that can tell a lot about  talents, injure desires.  Many times it is unclear just what information will be given in these reports and unfortunately they can be greatly different and very.  Here is what a typical name numerology report will give someone from just their name:

The Heart’s Desire: This number can be referred to by another term, but essentially it tells us all about your soul and what really makes you a unique individual. This number is based on the vowels of your name only.

The Inner Dream: This number reveals innermost desires, dreams and fantasies. This tends to be quite accurate and can help when one is deciding where they are and desire to be on life’s path.

The Expression Number: The sum of all the letters of the name gives us this. It provides a complete snapshot of who you are and more importantly how the world sees you. This can be critical in deciding what changes a person might need to make in their life.

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