Numerology Career Numbers

Career Number 1 – The number 1 is a work vibration, the ‘1’ person tends to bring in new jobs and directions in career moves. The type of work available to the ‘1’ person are numerous, Many areas are open to the creative mind of a ‘1’ person. Teaching and leading others always shows within the vibrational pattern of the ‘1’. At times you may wish to work alone, in order to express your unique qualities and ideas that you have. As a ‘1’ individual you must try to remember that there are always other people to consider in the workplace. The one likes to stand out from others and will work very hard to achieve, but at times you need to rethink and re-organise your position within the work-place.

You can drive yourself very hard whilst working, but, if boredom sets in then you will find that you lose interest very fast. The positions are too many to list regarding the work that you are capable of doing. You have wonderful ideas and inject enthusiasm into any situation. Your downfall can at times be your strong will and determination, as you often view yourself as the best in your field. This will only apply if you are working your energies in a negative fashion. The ‘1’ must rely upon themselves as the opportunity to take positions of leadership quite often present themselves to you. This is a strong work number and your career (whichever you choose) will, if positive and enthusiastic lead you higher in the workplace. Try not to let boredom set in, if this occurs, then it may well be a time for a change of career.

Career Number 2 – As a ‘2’ you are normally a quiet individual.Working with other people will always be your best career move.Positions that require you to assist others in various ways will hold your interest.

Your nature is to be sensitive to the needs and wants of other people. When you notice something that needs doing, you as a ‘2’ will notice it quickly, but rarely will you voice your opinion . Once you gain confidence, you will find that those you work with will come to you for assistance, and this you will give freely. Any field to do with ‘accuracy’ is open to you, this is due to your finely tuned ability to gather facts. Many ‘2’s’ possess musical talents,dance,entertainment of some type. If these are neglected or not trained you may well miss out on some wonderful opportunities within life. Do not allow others to ‘walk over the top of you’, your natural shyness and co-operative nature tends to attract those who may take advantage of your finely tuned skills.

Nursing, Healing, Natural Therapies etc., all of these career areas are open to you. Whatever career path you choose you can be assured it will be to do with other people, unlike many other numbers who prefer to work alone, you as a ‘2’ do your best work within a group or teamwork. Extremely popular and similar in nature to the Master Vibration of ’11’, the Spiritual, Religious, Source, God Force, will tend to follow you. Always try to use your diplomatic nature if any strife occurs in the work-place, as it is, you will quite often be called upon to settle any disputes. You have a terrific sense of timing and appreciate the beauty within life. Be alert to mood swings as a ‘2’ career person.

Career Number 3 – The ‘3’ is a very sociable number and enjoy being around other people and joining in on anything or any area that you can express your talents. The world of entertainment,reading,designing,writing,all draw the ‘3’s’ energy. You are not classed as a work number but more of a person who enjoys life in an expressive fashion.

You have the gift of words which opens many doors in the worl of career, most of which you would try at various times. Your greatest area sways towards anything that is creative in nature. you can talk on any given subject, shops, cosmetics, fashion etc will hold your interest.

Quite often the Army, Navy etc…, will draw a ‘3’ vibration, the three has a strong desire for luxury in life and should make sure they do not let this cloud their judgement when seeking a career. You would be highly unlikely to find satisfaction within a career that did not reward you in some way. Most other numbers will work for a salary and take whatever position they can find, the ‘3’ will seek out a career that brings deep satisfaction.

Career Number 4 – This is a very strong work vibration, it tends to use natural abilities to guide itself throughout life.The ‘4’ can succeed in any area to do with mechanics and machinery.

If they keep their stubborn nature balanced! The ‘4’ has a great love of nature and very often they are found within careers that allows them to get their hands dirty. This strong drive towards nature often find them as Farmers,Geologists, Archeology.

Nature is important to you and researching the laws of nature often finds you attending college’s or Universities. A very strong scientific mind come’s with the ‘4’ vibration. You tend to be cautious in nature and somewhat stubborn, try not to let this hinder your unique career talents, that you allow to lay dormant. The downside to the ‘4’ is laziness! Dont be lazy as you are one of the strongest working numbers in any career field.

Career Number 5 – This is the number of ‘Travel’. Quite often as a ‘5’ individual any job that you find will be temporary, due to your changeable nature and at times, finding lack of interest within the work you are doing…this leads to change. As a ‘5’ you tend to have many contacts, some may not stay long, others become life-long friends, and this depends upon the changeable nature that you possess. This also applies within any career you establish your-self within.

The ‘5’ has excellent qualities in the area of sales and promotion; you work well within fields dealing with the public and its interests. Boredom within any job is the downfall of your career, the ‘5’ needs freedom and change to hold its interest. If this is done, then you will excell at your work, you enjoy the accolades that follow from your work-place, being a natural sales-person you can sell ice to the Eskimos. The ‘5’ makes an excellent Administrator; they gather information and have the ability to do many things at once. This area should be guarded, as often the ‘5’ will take on too many things at once, and may find themselves at the Unemployment Office if not acting in a positive fashion.

The ‘5’ is a very magnetic number and throughout your life you will attract others to you, if this occurs within the work-place, be aware that you do not sway and change your mind and position, for you will leave others wondering what went wrong. Use the strong qualities of bringing other people together and your career will soar.

Career Number 6 – As a ‘6’ vibration many are found working from home due to their strong pull towards family. Others will be found working within their own business, one which allows time for them to spend at home. The six like’s to work but they will demand good payment for the work they choose to do.They are physically strong, but this is not the area. They tend to succeed within. At all time’s the ‘6’ is a Teacher, always finding themselve’s teaching and instructing others within many career areas.

Balance and Harmony is very important to you, and if you find there is imbalance within the work-place, you will quickly remove yourself. Caring for the weak or the helpless appeals to you as a ‘6’ vibration, and many work within the area of caring and helping others. The ‘6’ works well within the Music industry and the Health industry. At all time’s they need to keep a check on a critical view they may impose upon others at time’s. A very Harmonious work number. Many ‘6’ individuals simply like to remain at home, working with their hobbies.

Career Number 7 – The ‘7’ is a very skilled worker, quite often they need an education and training to bring out the best in themselves. Any area that requires strong analysis is given to the ‘7’ person,although mostly quiet and reserved, their minds are extremely active as they possess a very unusual quality. Within of researching and finding answers that others cannot. When in the work-force the ‘7’ can feel they do not have the ability to do the given work. If left alone to sort their working environment and work-related position out, this is when you will succeed. You prefer to work alone. Your best work is done when you are working alone, the ‘7’ has a scientific mind, and will research and find answers that others cant. Any area to do with the use of your hands, in particular, mechanics, fixing and repairing, good with figures.

The ‘7’ makes for a fine Detective, Police Officer, Security Work, due to the silent nature that you possess. As a ‘7’ you are not always quiet and reserved, and will gainfully stand up and be counted if certain areas within the work-place are out of order, you are not classed a worker, but when you do, you will work long and hard to see the end results. Dependable in work situations. Honest. Reliable.

Career Number 8 – This is the number of authority, banking, courage and materialism. The ‘8’ is THE work vibration. Work is not difficult for those as an ‘8’, as they tend to work hard to achieve success if they work in a positive way. Success can be found in many areas within the work-force, they are excellent in building any business up that has become run-down or lacks financial income, this is due to your strong ability to find the ‘weak spots’ that are missing. Research will often draw the attention of the ‘8’ person, Real-Estate (buying or selling), banking is also quite high on the career list. Any dealings with money will find many an 8 are working within that position. The 8 when positive is more than capable of handling money. All 8 individuals always like to know what is going on the world of business, they are found in almost all places of work. From a Lawyer to an Entertainer, the 8 will be found.

As an 8 you are wonderful at controlling others and various situations, but at all times you must be aware that you do not become too dominant and ‘take control’, allow others some input also, even if they are wrong. As an ‘8’ your energies tend to sway more towards the ‘mental’ rather than the physical work involved. Not a lazy number by any means, but the strong energies of good judgement and your powers of observation tend to lead you into work areas that require your ‘mental analysis’, particularly if a business needs help. Always use your strong energy of good judgement, for this will intuitively lead you into the workforce with a good sense of knowing ‘what needs to be done’. It is very rare to find a strong 8 individual who lacks confidence, but again, handle this wisely, or you may find that others will resent your strong nature. Learn to help yourself and others also, and then climb the corporate ladder step by step.

Career Number 9 – The number ‘9’ is the energy and vibration of humanitarian goals. Whatever these people do in life, they like to share with others. The ‘9’ is a teaching number, it is not always classed as a working number, but they tend to handle work interviews very well due to their giving and kind nature that they project to others. As a ‘9’ you are expressive, but may need a ‘push’ at times regarding work. You possess a global outlook, which urge’s you to give or to teach in some way, shape or form. At time’s as a ‘9’ you may envision the ending or the loss of certain work ideas before they have even begun. Always be careful that you do not end any project that deep inside you truly want to continue, as a ‘9’ individual sometimes it feels easier to give up rather than keep the idea flowing.

Teaching (with travel often attached), Service To Others,and Giving To Others is a difficult work energy to cope with. Once you find that which you desire to do within your career life, always remain alert as drama and endings quite often follow you as a ‘9’ individual. As a ‘9’ you have the ability to turn work that has been classed as of ‘little worth’ into a useful and original situation. Most tend to be found within careers that ‘give to others’ in some way, this is due to your strong humanitarian influence. The ‘9’ should strive to keep the emotions under control, many little things can upset this energy. Extremely talented and giving your career path should follow the lines of ‘teaching and helping others’, many make fine Lawyers due to their nature of being somewhat of a perfectionist. They can also feel the needs and wants of those less fortunate.

Career Number 11 – The Master Number of ’11’ is not a material vibration, it is the number of inspiration and intuition. Often idealistic in nature and always considered the vibration of ‘the Spiritual Messenger’. The ’11’ when positive will live unselfishly, it is a very giving and kind energy, but should not be crossed or lied too, this is both in the work place and in life.

As an ’11’ you have an excellent number regarding work within any religious, spiritual or helping and assisting position. The personality tends to glow, you are full of inspirational ideas which assists others. Any field of work that involve’s Electricity, Aviation, Nursing and the Stage is where many ’11’s’ will be found.

As an ’11’ you can sway in many directions, you have the vibrations of a leader as you hold within the power of the two 1’s, or you may become a follower, due to your lower base number of ‘2’. Either way helping others to find work is an area that you excel. Many ’11’s’ find themselve’s within the limelight at some point in their career. Due to the flexible use of this powerful energy, when the spiritual aspect is not used you may find yourself somewhat lost and wandering. In order to exceed the spiritual or ‘God Force’ must be used, always watch for a lack of confidence, the ’11’ may come across as a powerful energy, but deep within they are extremely
sensitive, in particular towards others. Once again the ’11’ should not be crossed as they do possess a strong back bone and can become a force to be reckoned with, this is rare and occurs when they are hurt or have moved into their lower base number of ‘2’.

As an ’11’ you can succeed within any field, but at all times you will find yourself giving rather than taking.
Within the work-force the ’11’ can succeed through their powerful and intuitive qualities by realising what the other person needs. They will always help and assist in life. The ’11’ has the power to bring light to other humans,at time’s forgetting to shed light upon themselves.

Career Number 22 – This is a Master Number and with all Master Numbers it asks for master accomplishments from you. Large projects attract the ’22’ they do not find that things run smoothly for them due to the ‘spiritual’qualities that you have. Seeking help from others will allow you to advance in your career, you like to see the work you have created as you are here to build a career that becomes a legacy for your family.

This is a dominant energy, this dominance is rarely used within the work-place, but if needed you will fight hard for what you strongly believe in regarding work. You have a very studious mind, and you hold the answers very well within your head, especially the goals that you seek, little will stop you from achieving the highest of positions in your career path.

Always be aware that as a Master Number you can and will seek refuge within your lower base number of ‘4’. Once again this is a hard working energy (4) but can be somewhat lazy at time’s. The ’22’ has little time to be lazy as they never stop searching and learning. To reach the top is your goal in life, if this is not reached learn to use your strong sub-conscious mind and the spiritual quality of which you have been endowed with.

As with all numbers and vibrations, not all will appy regarding your career or your position within the work force. Free-will and Choice are always given with Numerology, there are also specific numbers that have to be taken into account when seeking any form of employment, such as, your personal day. Is it a good day to seek work, or to remain home and do something else? All of these energies including your name and destiny number are included within the career best suited to you as an individual.

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