Numerolgy The Numbers Of Your Life

For people in other parts of the world, such as those living in hunting and gathering societies, their lives are dictated by numbers because so much of their life is dependent upon the calendar for survival.
Some people feel there is a correlation between these numbers and physical objects or living things. The system used to evaluate these numerical relationships is called numerology. Numerology also includes the study of any systems, traditions, beliefs, values, and practices commonly associated with numerical relationships.
Numerology can also be considered an art for people using numbers to see what the future may bring them. This method of fortune telling is a very simple way for a person to test their abilities while discovering important character traits about themselves or other people. There are people who use the knowledge they have gained numerology to better their situations in life. People can also use this knowledge to strengthen personal relationships, guide themselves career wise, and hopefully pick the winning numbers to the lottery!
Numerology could also be used to forecast potential problems in a couples relationship. This could be done by allowing people to be able to better understand their partner. Heading off potential conflict can allow a couple to  experience happiness  and stability while maintaining their relationship conflict free. All in all, partners in a relationship would have better compatibility. Who doesnt want that?
Employers and those seeking a career can also benefit from numerology. Employers could use it to determine an applicants skills to see how they will coincide with the requirements of the desired position. A person seeking a potential career can use numerology to assist them is seeing if theirdream jobis something that can be achieved, or if it is just that, a dream. They would be able to identify any compatibility between themselves and their perspective career choice.
Numerology can allow people to see into their futures, their past, or even their present situation. All people have a personal identity number which can allow them to see their positive and negative characteristics. This number can be found by adding the digits in a persons date of birth together until a single digit result is achieved. An example of this can be illustrated by using my date of birth which is March 28, 1978. I will add 3 (March is the third month in the calendar year) + 2 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8. The result is 38. 311. 11 is an exception to the rule of needing to utilize single digits for numerology.
The numbers 11 and 22 both have their own special meanings. The positive traits associated with the number 11 imply mysticism and direction. A negative trait associated with number 11 would be conceit.
The positive and Negative connotations for numbers 110 and 22 are as follows:
Number Positive Meaning Negative Meaning
1 autonomy egocentricity
2 benevolence unwariness
3 ingenuity narcissism
4 integrity flippancy
5 vigorousness procrastinator
6 feeling emotive
7 attentive incompetence
8 imaginative intolerance
9 passionate overbearing
10 rebirth anger
22 optimistic assumptive
One other important revelation from numerology can be derived from a persons name. Each letter from a persons name is associated with a number. Each of the 26 letters of our alphabet is associated with a number between 1 through 9. Once the letter 9 has been reached the numbers are repeated in order again until we reach the letter z.
For example, with the name Mark, the letter m is associated with the number 4. The letters a, r, and k are associated with the numbers 1, 9, and 2, respectively. Adding these numbers together we find a resulting number of 16. Add 1 to 6 the result is 7. The name Mark would implies that he is attentive, but also that he may be incompetent.
In this day and age people feel there is a correlation between numbers and physical objects or living things. The system used to evaluate these numerical relationships is called numerology.

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