Natures Universal Numbers

We all live within a Universe of Patterns : ‘Scan the Mountains, the Skies, the Stars and the Clouds,For that is where it all began’.

Each night the stars move in circular movements across our Sky. The Seasons cycle at yearly intervals, and you will never find two ‘Snowflake’s’ that are identical, just as in us as Humans, you will never find two identical fingerprints. Tigers and Zebras have stripes : leopards have spots : Beautiful arcs of coloured lights form the Rainbow : On a Winter’s evening a bright Halo surrounds our Moon : Sphere’s of Water fall from our Clouds. These are the perfected Universal System of Nature and her numerical system.

We have the six-fold symmetry of the Snowflake : Perfect within the world of the Science of Numbers. The simplest of mathematical objects are numbers, and the simplest of Nature’s patterns are Numerical. We as humans have 2 legs, insects possess 6, cats have 4, spiders have 8, the Starfish possess 5 arms (depending upon the species), Clover has 3 leaves (some have 4), Flowers are a wonderful Numerical study : Within almost all of the flower species there is a curious pattern, these happen within the Petals of the flowers, in almost all flowers, the number of petals occur within a strange sequence. The petals numerically are, 3,5,8,13,21,34,55 and 89. For example, marigolds have 13 petals, asters possess 21, and most daisies have 34, 55 or 89. You will not find any other numerical order quite like this, there is a definate pattern to these numbers. Each number is obtained by adding the previous two together : for example, 3 + 5 =8, 5 + 8 = 13, 8 +9 =17 = 1 + 7 = 8*.

These patterns within nature were discovered many centuries ago, and until this day, Scientists are still studying the pattern of Natures Numbers. The Planets also possess a pattern which relates to the orbital period – the time it takes to go once around the Sun – to it’s distance from the Sun. It is a very In-Depth study indeed, and much has been scientifically proven regarding Natures Numbers and the planet, animal, celestial and human world in which we live. Take a moment to look and study a flower, a plant, the ocean, another human – it really is quite astounding when you see the Perfection in all living beings, atoms, plants and within all is ‘LIFE’.

Study the great Deserts, when the wind blows steadily and in a fixed direction, sand dunes will form, not unlike the beauty of the Ocean Waves. Volcanoes are conical. The Stars are spherical, the galaxies are spiral, and according to many, the Universe (the Cosmos) is viewed as a giant expanding ball. To understand Nature, we must first understand the numerical pattern (or to some ‘mathematical’) in order to understanding LIFE as we know it. Take the time to watch a ‘single’ drop of water dripping from a tap, there is an unbelievable amount of effort and shape involved in this simple process. From the tap to the sink, many shapes and waves can be seen, when filmed in slow motion, the life of the raindrop and the teardrop is precise, yet it is a huge amount of effort for this one single drop to reach its final destination.


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