Moon Signs

Moon Signs

Along with the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the Ancient Astrologers listed Seven Planets as having an effect upon each significant Astrological Sign. These Planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

The Moon and the Sun are not classed as planets within Astrology and Astronomy, the heavenly body of the Earth revolves around the Sun. Not their satellites (nodes), Or their Moons, of which the Earth has only one ‘THE MOON’ whilst some of the other Planets have many. Each Planet represents particular powers, qualities or even limitations assigned to each individual person.

Each planet varies and they intermingle, & all planets should be looked at, to find the periods in which they will show a definite sway. The position of the planets at the exact time of birth, including the date of birth and your full birth name, has an extremely important bearing upon each individual. Let us look at the effect of the Moon, of which an entire library of books have been written, studied, analysed and scientifically proven. The Moon (which is an irresistible force), of all the influences it holds, the one effect which is rarely disputed, is the gravitational pull the the Moon has upon anything or any being that is watery, including us as human beings.

The effect of the Moon upon the Worlds tidal system, the growth of planetary life, is all greatly affected by the Moon. The word LUNAR in English is called Lunatic. Simply observe others during the period of a full Moon and once again, scientifically it has been proven that mankind changes during this full moon period. More criminal activity tends to take place, more emotional upsets also etc…

The human body is made up of mostly ‘water’ the Moon has a strong gravitational pull upon all human beings. The placement of your Moon Sign at the exact time of birth has a very significant impact upon you as a person. By ordering a ‘Full Birth Chart’, each and every planet is taken into account, the Moon in particular will give another aspect to your personality. The planets, your date of birth, your full birth name, all form a divine triangle of the in depth study of the Ancients. All humans throughout the world place great significance upon the Moon, without which, there would be no life. It affects not just our planet, but, each individual’s emotional pattern.

The Moon says ‘I FEEL’; it is your sensitive inner self. By combining your numerical self and the position of the planets at birth, particularly ‘Your Moon Sign’ it will reveal how you as a person feel and how you respond emotionally in various situations. Your Moon position will show which of the five (5) senses you tend to use most. The Moon is receptive to the light of the Sun, it lights up our night sky, and it was classed by the ancient Arabs, Indians and Chinese as the Planet of Sensibility. It reveals the genetic make-up of each individual; it reveals the deep sub-conscious mind. It moves at a rapid rate throughout life, the Moon is feminine, she tells of the nostalgia of your childhood, the past, how gentle or tender you may or may not be.

The Moon (The Earth Mother) will reveal your dreams and your intuitive behaviour; she is estimated to be at least 5 billion years old. To learn more, your Moon placement will reveal much. To order a Full Birth Chart or a Moon Chart, as with all other charts, your full name at birth, and your date of birth are necessary, it will open a new world for you, she (the Moon) digs very deeply into the hidden crevices of the mind, the human and natural forces which guide you, and our Life’s Path. She also reveals which elements of your personality you have inherited from your ancestors and parents.

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