Master Numbers

Master Numbers 11 and 22

The Master Number vibration 22 is considered to be the ‘spiritual master in form’.

The ‘light’ of the Master Number ‘11’ become’s intensified by the 22 vibration, intensified by repetition, it give’s the individual thought and feeling on a higher level of consciousness. The spiritual qualities of the ‘22’ are held down to the practical and the material level of the ‘4’ vibration, this can often bring some type of inner conflict as a ‘22’ person, it is here the ‘22’ individual will seek refuge within it’s lower base number of ‘4’.

The 22 person will receive the illumination and great insight of the Master Number of 11/2, and then it will seek to use these qualities within the material world. The 22 person must pass through the qualities of the vibrational number of ‘11’ before it can seek refuge in the lower base number of ‘4’.

’11’ The Spiritual Messenger

The ‘11/2’ vibration can at time’s find it quite difficult to use their qualities of great thought’s/ideas and concepts they have and use them in the ordinary, everyday lifestyle they live within, for they possess a higher mind which tends to focus on the spiritual, giving, caring and helping lifestyle. The 11 Master Number possesses ability to ‘Feel’. ‘Sense’ and often ‘ See ‘ and find the hidden in life. The ‘11’ has been given the unusual title of ‘pearls of price or pearls of wisdom’.

The 22 person has seen and heard the visions of the ‘11’ they then use their inner ability to put these qualities to practical uses. The 11 energy is classed as ‘the temple within’ they work on a much higher energy level and receive their guidance from such. The ‘22’ person also receives; they become the master on the physical plane.

The ‘11’ develops its soul power through loving service and selfless service, little thought is given to ‘self’ as an ‘11’, they are pulled towards helping others from the gifts they receive from spirit. Both the 22 and the 11 are classed as the secret workers, they are silent in nature, at time’s somewhat aloof and often a strong sense of ‘standing alone and doing alone’ (less so for the 22), both of these energies use the Cosmos as their workshop.

7 Tones Of The Musical Scale

‘22’ and ‘11’ vibrate towards all of the 7 tones of the musical scale and this is where they respond to the entire planetary octave…The 22 and 11 energies can hold their own within any race, creed or culture for they do not discriminate, their life is that of ‘giving to others’. The 11 has a tendency to burn themselves out at times. They will work towards a goal often forgetting to sleep/eat/take breaks…as they can envision the outcome, this high energy level will often be their undoing and many time’s life simply forces them in some way to slow down. The 22 is more practical and will rest within their lower base energy of ‘4’ they will always work/help/assist but they have less burn-out than the 11 energy.

Public speaking is an area many 22’s are found to exist (and always assisting/building) the 11 energy can be found within any high energy area in life, but always the spiritual quality will shine through, they have a gift to brighten the lives of those around them, for they too will never discriminate. Both of these energies are very difficult to work and many time’s they use the gift of their lower base numbers to take rest within.

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