Life Path Meaning in Numerology Reading

Life Path Number 1 In Numerology Reading
You have a strong sense of individuality and leadership. Demanding and often in need of command, you have great potential for attainment in life – especially for creating, pioneering and administrating the work of yourself and others. While you are talented and capable, you should not be overly aggressive or zealous of success.

Life Path Number 2 In Numerology Reading
Your extreme sensitivity is both your strength and weakness. Because of your sensitivity, you are intuitive, diplomatic and can easily relate with people in harmony. However, your talents and accomplishments are often overlooked as you choose to play a supportive role from your quiet personal comfort zone.

Life Path Number 3 In Numerology Reading
You possess great talent in creativity and self expression. You are artistic and can express your inner thoughts and feelings to other through paintings, words, songs and other means. Your talents will make you a social butterfly and the center of attention which may make you boastful and superficial. But if you use your skills positively, you can inject enthusiasm and optimism in people’s lives.

Life Path Number 4 In Numerology Reading
Practical, down to earth, you have a great need for system and order. Your hardworking discipline makes you a great service to any organization and the community. However, at times, you are stubborn and are slow in accepting the law of limitation of the world. You need to be more flexible and change yourself to live with the limitations.

Life Path Number 5 In Numerology Reading
Your enjoy freedom and variety in life. Highly sensual, you like to experience excitement and sensory pleasures in life such as new food, alcohol, sex and adventure. Hence, you can be reckless or may even over-indulge at times. You need to learn the meaning of constructive freedom to realize your true potential.

Life Path Number 6 In Numerology Reading
The keyword of your character is responsibility. You love and compassion for others make you a highly responsible person that assumes even the burdens of others. You can suppress and even sacrifice your own needs to serve and help others. However, you should understand the need for balance in helping and supporting others.

Life Path Number 7 In Numerology Reading
You have a keen desire for analysis and understanding, especially on life and spititual matters. You are somewhat “different” from fellow men and you will spend much time alone contemplating life most important questions. Others may see you as being aloof and impersonal.

Life Path Number 8 In Numerology Reading
You have the gift of business acumen and management that will lead you to great material satisfaction and accomplishments in life. You great desire for success, power and recognition may cause you to suffer the consequences of greed if you are not careful. Also, the chase for material things may make you arrogant, domineering and even corrupted.

Life Path Number 9 In Numerology Reading
Compassionate in nature, you are a born humanitarian that enjoys giving without thought of return. You understand and preach the importance of selflessness and are often disappointed when you see the limitations of mankind. When not in harmony with your nature, you tend to be moody and over-emotional.

Life Path Number 11 In Numerology Reading
11, the first master number signifies illumination. You have the power to inspire and illuminate the life of others. Due to this great power, you are often misunderstood and hence, making you self-conscious, shy and withdrawn. Hence, you suffer from depression and nervous tension. You are automatically attuned to the unconscious realms without much effort. Once you are comfortable with your special gift, you will serve as the spiritual channel between the higher and lower. Also, you need to learn to materialize your dreams.

Life Path Number 22 In Numerology Reading
Born under the most powerful number, you are blessed with great spiritual understanding of the material world. You have the ability of be a master builder – to translate the high ideals into concrete form. Used positively, you have the ability to marshal the collective forces – people, ideas and resources to achieve any goals near the ultimate potential. While 22 is the most promising number, it is also the most difficult to live up to. Your great ambition may drive to become over-controlling and even manipulative.

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