Key Facts You Must Know About Numerology

Numerology is the philosophical and scientific study of numbers and their connection to human personality and time cycles. An ancient practice used in Greece, Egypt, Rome and China, good numerology readings can often give insights to a person’s personality, strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, inner needs, emotional reactions and relationships.

The practice of numerology is based on the statement of the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, “The world is built upon the power of numbers.” What this means is that the entire universe is composed of a mathematical pattern and all things can be expressed in numbers and has its own vibration frequencies. By applying the principles of numerology, we can gain deep awareness of our lives and relationships.

Here are some quick facts about numerology:


  • The root of numerology can be traced back to 10,000 years ago to Egypt and Babylonia.
  • Pythagoras (600 BC), the famous Greek Mathematician, is the father of modern day numerology.
  • Numerology is not about your fate. It merely shows you the pattern of your life. All numerology does is to serve as a guide to fulfilling your life purpose.
  • A good numerology report can help you achieve success in life by giving you a better understanding of your strengths, weakness, talents and personality traits. Also, by having a better knowledge of your path, you can better seize opportunities and avoid pitfalls.
  • From your personal numerology reading, you will be able to improve your relationships by gaining a better understanding the motivations and the emotions of yourself and others.
  • Free numerology readings online are inaccurate and incomplete. Numerology is much more than calculating your numbers from your birth date or name. Only a full numerology reading can give you the complete analysis of your life.
  • Numerology reading is only as good as the expertise of the numerologist giving it. Hence, it is essential to get your numerology report from an experienced master numerologist.




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