The Karmic Law of ‘ Cause and Effect ‘.

Karma is ‘ free-will ’ it is cause and effect, that which goes around will come around, we all reap in our life that which we sow in the past. ‘ As you sow, so shall you reap ‘ we continue to do so until we reach a much higher level of spiritual and humanitarian levels, that of Divine compassion for mankind, and we must master our own selves on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.

Whatever we do or say to another unless it is of a true nature then the effects of Karma will most certainly be felt, for ‘ what goes around comes around ‘ . The laws of our Universe are fixed, they do not change, we are not going to be punished by these laws for wrongdoings, it returns to us so that we may learn from our mistakes.

In this world that we live in intense love and all forms of hate will continue to bind us to the Earth plane, for example, we have those who murder rape etc., and it is with all probability that they will repeat these same actions. Karma is a vibration that is here to guide and to teach us wrong from right, we must be willing to learn, and to make a conscious effort to change our ways. With Karma sudden happenings can take place, and often loss, hurt or humiliation is felt, it has the power to disrupt and cause circumstances to fall apart THIS IS THE LAW OF KARMA.

Balance and Harmony

It will continue to ‘ test ’ each and every one of us so that we may fulfil our Destiny and live the life we were meant to live. That of ‘ balance and harmony ‘ . If you hit another person then the energy has already been given out, it is then at some point Karma will have retribution upon us. It is the same with words, if you speak with an angry tongue, then the words you have spoken are sent into the atmosphere and cannot be taken back. We all must heed the power of the Karmic Law for we shall certainly reap as we sow. Karma is another form of energy that moves around us every moment of our lives, only those who have achieved a higher state of consciousness will escape the Law of Karma.

Heed Your Words and Actions

Heed your words and actions says Karma… The Karmic debt represents a weak link; life will force experiences upon us, often in the form of knocks and hardships. People and situations appear to re-appear, until we become fully conscious and aware of the difficult aspects within life itself. Again this is Karma…those who remain victims, will be given every opportunity to do just that, others that make an effort through hard work, love, finding harmony in life and within the emotions will overcome Karma quickly. The weakest spot in life is the one that is always the most difficult, once this weak spot is strengthened, then the stress and strain (if felt), is no longer felt by us.

No-one likes Karma, we fear it because we simply do not understand it, but, there are many advantages that come from the law of ‘ cause and effect ‘ .


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