History Of Numerology


Know Thyself

PYTHAGORAS; MAN KNOW THYSELF: THEN YOU SHALL KNOW THE UNIVERSE AND GOD… We are all searching, often in different ways, some seek blindly, others do so unconsciously. Pythagoras sought Higher Knowledge through symbols and the musical harmony of the Planet’s. He recognised these symbol’s within numbers. By working and using these symbols’s he formulated a system whereby; the unknown became the known; Pythagoras named this system MATHEMATICS.

Science Of Vibrations

The Science of Numbers was born through Pythagoras – The Greeks through the study of numbers as VIBRATIONS, followed the age old tradition of Phoenician Sages and the Egyptian priests. These were the first people in historical time’s to recognise and to use THE SCIENCE OF NUMBER’S, by doing so they discovered their true identities, revealing the hidden secrets of the ‘Inner Self’…NUMEROLOGY is an ‘Exact Science’…

Numerology is an exact science, but a very simple one. Many regard Numerology as a form of ‘Quackery’ until it was proven scientifically that the Universe does produce energy, vibration and harmonies through that which is known as the Musical Harmony of The Sphere’s. It is the science of vibration.

The World travels at an incredibly fast pace-it has been recorded by Scientist’s that the ‘vibration’ of our planet Earth is increasing at the vast rate of ‘One hour per week’. In order to balance between ourselves and God’s Universe, we must learn to vibrate at an equal pace, by working with these vibrations rather than against them, we begin to travel at the rate that each of us as individuals are affected by these Universal Energies. Each Number is a vibration – each letter in the Alphabet corresponds to Pythagoras’s system of numbers. The school of Pythagoras was opened in the early 6th Century and is still operating until this day. We are all endowed at birth with our own special name and our own date of birth. We no longer have to do as Pythagoras did and seek through the maze of the Great Pyramid’s to find age old secrets. The Egyptians were the first people to introduce the Alphabet, but sadly they were slow to utilise it. .These secrets through the searching and testings of Pythagoras (The Father of Numbers) have been given freely to mankind; as Pythagoras stated; Man Know Your Number; Know Yourself!!!…this alone has stood the test of time. Astoundingly accurate and divine knowledge is found within Numerology to help each individual step upon their destined pathways. You have just taken the first step by reading this short piece of information.

Music of the Spheres

Pythagoras the Greek Mathematician and Philosopher formulated the concept called the ‘Music of the Spheres’, based upon the idea that each planet in the Universe formed a harmonious whole consisting of a musical chorus. He discovered that there was an exact relationship between the sound (vibration) and numbers, and hence He developed this discovery to form His Concepts. Pythagoras stated that each Planet was a certain distance from a central point in the Universe, and that an invisible string connected each Planet to this central point, when the strings were plucked, a certain tone or vibration could be heard, and each sound or vibration could be associated with a particular number. Unlike other Metaphysical science’s always ‘Free-Will’ and ‘Choice’ are given within Numerology.

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