Gifts Of The Spirit


Each Life Path Number is given a ‘Gift Of The Spirit’ I have included a sample for the Life Path Number of ‘3’, number ‘0’ Is classed as the Number of God and has many qualities and powerful energies attached to it. If your Life Path Number is broken down and contains – for example: 3+0 = 3, then you have a double vibration of the ‘Gift Of The Spirit’.

Number 3 and THE GIFT OF FAITH

With this vibration you have been given ‘Gifts of the Spirit’…many things happen in 3’s in your life. Yes things happen, there is activity, that activity will bring results, activity that brings about manifestation, but the Number 3 is not ‘Form’, it is the life behind the form, that ever moving force that we cannot see, but we know, nonetheless, that it is there and it is real.

It is the point of Faith, simply because, before it becomes visible we cannot see it, we can only know it…Faith is a knowing without any visible proof…Faith is being able to see in one’s mind the activity behind the form, the reason behind the act… ‘3’ is often called the lucky number in Numerology, but, even with your gift of Faith that has been bestowed upon you, you must try to remember, that we do not always get what we want in life, we may well get what we expect, ‘3’ is Faith, and the lesson for you is ‘to expect the very best for all mankind’. As with all sample numbers this is but a part of your entire make-up from birth… THE GIFT OF FAITH.

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