Dreams and Symbols Dictionary

Shall I fall?

Shall I fall?
On bended knees
And wait
For someone to bless me
With happiness
And a life of Golden Dreams?

I shall run
Into the desert of life
With my arms open,

Sometimes falling
Sometimes stumbling
But always picking myself up,
A thousand times if necessary.
Sometimes happy.

The Future and The Past

If you continue to look to the past, the future will pass you by

Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

Then to the rolling Heaven itself I cried.
Asking. ‘What Lamp had Destiny to guide Her little Children stumbling in the Dark?’
And- ‘ A blind understanding! ’- Heaven replied..

Then to this earthen bowl did I adjourn.
My Lip the secret Well of Life to Learn.
And Lip to Lip murmured – While you live DRINK! For once you are dead you never shall return.’

For every Action there is a Re-action

An old ferryman was operating a small rowboat for transporting passengers across one of the little lakes in Scotland. One day a passenger noticed that he had carved on one oar the word “THOUGHT” and on the other oar the word “ACTION”. Curiosity led him to ask the meaning of this.

The old man said “I will show you.” He dropped one oar and plied the other called “ACTION”, and they just went around in circles. Then he dropped that oar and began to ply the one called “THOUGHT”, and the little boat went around in circles again – this time the opposite way around.

After this demonstration, the old man picked up both “THOUGHT” and “ACTION” and plying both oars together sped swiftly across the water, explaining to his curious passenger “you see, that is the way it is in life as well as in the boat.” For every THOUGHT there is an action, for every “ACTION” there is a Re-action.

Like a pathway

Life is like a pathway covered all in snow.
Be careful how you tread it.
For every step will show.


There is no shop which sells kindness.
You must build it within.
We can transplant a heart, but we cannot transplant a warm heart.


Good human qualities : honesty, sincerity, and a good heart cannot be bought with money, nor can they be produced by machines, But only by the mind itself.

We can call this the Inner Light or God’s blessing, or human quality. This is the essence of Mankind.
The Dalai Lama

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