To prove that I practice what I preach I shall tell you a little bit about myself.

My birth date is 25th February 1964.

2+5 +2+1+9+6+4=29/2+9=11/2

So, as you can see I am an 11/2 which is one of the master numbers in Numerology. Now that does not make me any grander than the next person (although maybe I originally thought I was and that was why I was interested in Numerology to start with!!)

After I got past my ego and studied the subject though I realised that I had chosen a testing Destiny number for myself (oh, what joy!) My main lesson is to think of every problem as an opportunity to learn love and forgiveness- this will then balance my life as I work for harmony between all peoples.

In my own chart this is further indicated by the resulting numbers in my name at birth- meaning that I have enlightening spiritual messages to pass on and can therefore only work at my best through helping others.

For many years I operated as Ocean Numerology and produced all sorts of general Numerology charts for people world wide. My own personal journey has led me to be more interested in Karmic lessons and past lives and so I have brought that into the work I now offer.

Hence karma-numerology.

My wish is to help everyone understand themselves first and foremost but following on from that to appreciate that everyone is unique and through understanding of each other we foster tolerance rather than judgement or prejudice.

On a lighter side, when I am not busy being a Numerologist I am also a wife and proud mother.

The rest of the time you will probably find me playing with my 3 cats, Kismet, Sasha and Phoebe in the garden, or distressing some tatty old looking piece of furniture that I think will look beautiful once I’ve dabbed a bit of paint on it.

I love to hear birdsong, draw, sculpt, eat at good restaurants, visit Cornwall, meditate, dream, dunk biscuits, have my feet rubbed, dress up, do my favourite yoga moves, catch up with old friends, drink Jasmine and bancha green tea, sing, play the flute, read, watch Coronation Street and the American Office, waste time reading posts on Facebook, hunt the shops for bargains and watch twinkling candlelight!